The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! But who am I? (A label cannot define me!)

But really, my name is Kimberley Imrie. I’m a humble accountant by day, but when night falls (ie – the children are in bed), I transform into an architect of worlds and a God of creatures and men. My work Excel closes and my personal Excel opens, casting its ephemeral green light as I bring my vision to life in the adjacent monitor.

In other words, I’m a fantasy author.

I’m here because, like many of you, I’ve experienced the roller coaster of writing a novel (1.95 novels, to be exact. Oh my god, editing). During the process, I’ve noticed odd occurrences within my life and myself, with little to no explanation for the peculiarities.

I’m not talking about the burning question of how many POV’s should I cast, or how do I avoid dangling prepositions. (Though, if anyone has the answer to the second question, I’m all ears. Those things are my bane.)

I’m talking about the 3 AM searches for ‘Am I crazy because I’m feeling my character’s pain?’ or ‘Why am I seriously depressed because I finished my first draft?’. Let me tell you, those google searches prove woefully unproductive. If you’ve had better luck, please let me know.

Pinterest is jammed with information about how to apply the craft. The rules have been defined, pushed, examined and clarified, so everyone searching for an answer will find something that resonates.

What I haven’t found is information about the relationship between the author and the craft.

This might seem like a strange focus. But I think for those people searching at 3 AM to understand why they just broke another mouse because their character was backstabbed by their best friend (just me?), it’s a difference that means everything.

I think it offers a little companionship within a craft that can leave you feeling very lonely and utterly misunderstood – especially to yourself.

My personal journey has been a gift. I have two young children, 4 and 6, and a full-time job. I’ve studied Reiki and Munay-ki. I’ve learned about Buddhism, even attending a ten-day silent meditation retreat (more on that in a later post!). Every one of these things has given me experiences and relationships making me a better person and an infinitely better writer.

It is my sincere hope with this blog to reach those who ask the same questions I do, to gather a community of world-builders and storytellers, to help us understand ourselves a little more within the storm.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you again!

Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours. — Richard Bach

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